Privacy & Confidentiality

One of the biggest concerns people have about Pharmacogenomic testing is the topic of privacy, confidentiality, and discrimination. Who gets to see my genetic information? How is my information stored and secured? These are very important questions that need to be answered before taking a Pharmacogenomic test.

Our system uses a “double-blind” approach to deal with privacy and confidentiality of sensitive genetic information. With this approach, your genetic information and name are never linked in one place, unless you choose so.

Here’s which personal information is available at every step of our process:

  • After requisitioning your test and submitting your informed consent form, your name is assigned a unique barcode and stored securely in our database.
  • A saliva sample is barcoded and mailed to your home address. Easy-to-follow instructions explain how to collect your DNA sample using the kit included. After collecting your DNA sample, mail it to the lab using the postage-paid envelope in your kit.
  • Our state-of-the-art laboratory receives your barcoded sample and produces your raw genetic information. The lab never has your name.
  • The lab sends your genetic information through our software to be interpreted into actionable clinical drug recommendations. Depending on your choices in your informed consent, you may elect to have your genetic information discarded after this step, or kept in our secure database for future reference.
  • Your drug recommendations are reunited with your name and used to populate your online drug-compatibility report. According to your choices in your informed consent, your genetic information may or may not be displayed with your results. You decide who has access to your results.