Privacy Policy


RxReport is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information (which includes genetic information) of all the visitors to this website (“Personal Information”). This policy defines the commitment of RxReport to protect the privacy of Personal Information that is collected or used in the course of conducting business.

RxReport Inc. will not disclose any Personal Information to any third party whatsoever. The only exception is if we were provided with instruction to disclose “specific information” by the person whose test is concerned or their legal attorney. In that case we will disclose only the “specific information” and only to the person to whom we were instructed to release such information to. Instructions to disclose must be provided to us in writing by regular mail, fax or by secure email.

If the client directs us to deliver the results of the test to their prescribing professional/s, they must provide the name and contact information of their prescribing professional/s. Once RxReport releases the specific information, we will not be responsible for such information and how it might be handled by others. RxReport reserves the right to withhold or refuse to provide Personal Information to any third party, with the exception of the client whose information is being requested, if we believe the disclosure may breach applicable laws.

RxReport will, from time to time, review its Personal Information collection, use, and disclosure practices in order to assure compliance with laws and regulations.

Collection, Consent and Use

RxReport collects personal information from our clients, using our claim/application form. Our claim/application form implies informed consent that we may use the collected information to perform the test. The claim/application form will also ask for the client’s direction on how and what information will be included in the final report.

RxReport reserves the right to request proof for some or all the Personal Information you provide.

RxReport may decide to remove identifiable features from collected Personal Information and the resulting information may then be used for statistical, historic, scientific or other purposes, consistent with applicable law.

In addition to the above, RxReport may also collect information in the following ways:

(i) We passively collect information that is automatically sent to us by your web browser. This information typically includes your domain name (the site after the @ in your e-mail address). It may also contain your user name (the name you are known as before the @ in your e-mail address). The amount of information sent depends on the settings you have on your web browser; please refer to your browser if you want to learn what information it sends.
We use the information we automatically receive from your web browser to see which pages you visit within our site, which site you visited before coming to ours, and where you go after you leave. We at RxReport can then develop statistics that are very helpful to understanding how this site is used by our visitors. This statistical data is interpreted by RxReport in its continuing effort to present the web site content that customers are seeking in a format they find most helpful.

(ii) We may actively obtain information about you by installing our own marker on your computer. This marker is commonly called a “cookie,” and it enables us to know you by a computer-generated, unique identifier. By providing you a unique identifier, we are able to create a database of your previous choices and preferences, and in situations where these choices or preferences need to be collected again, they can be supplied by us automatically, saving you time and effort. Your computer may be specially configured to reject cookies; please refer to your browser for more information.


RxReport stores all our information on encrypted servers. Our servers utilize state of the art firewalls and protection software. RxReport will maintain the security of Personal Information, and protect the integrity of such information, with a commercially reasonable degree of care.

Information correction, amendment and/or destruction

RxReport will maintain procedures consistent with applicable law for individuals to gain access to their collected Personal Information and, when appropriate, correct any information that is inaccurate or incomplete, change their individual consent level, or have their Personal Information deleted. A small handling charge may apply.

You may request that RxReport destroy your Personal Information. You must advise us in writing to destroy all such information that we retain. You understand and acknowledge that you shall bear full responsibility for the consequences of your request.

Retention Policy

Genetic profiles generally do not change and thus the results of the genetic mapping of gene variants do not change. However, Pharmacogenomics is a developing science, and new information is expected to develop over time. RxReport will store and archive certain parts of the Personal Information collected and results of the client tests for a minimum period of five years. RxReport may at its absolute discretion destroy the Personal Information if the client does not contact us within the five year minimum period.

RxReport stores the client’s DNA biological sample (buccal cells) for 90 days or until the next internal laboratory proficiency testing date, whichever case is longer, in case additional testing is necessary during that period of time to perform the applicable test and deliver the accompanying report.

RxReport archives a digital file of the client’s barcoded (anonymous) genetic information within our encrypted and firewalled database system for a minimum of 25 years in accordance with regulations and recommendations from international accreditors CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and CAP (College of American Pathologists), respectively.

Third Party Websites

RxReport recommends that, to the extent you access third party websites from the RxReport website, you review the privacy policy for each such site. RxReport is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites.
We recommend that you check the policy of each site you visit and contact the owner or operator of such website if you have any concerns or questions.

Disclosure as Required by Law

RxReport will under certain circumstances permitted or required by law or court order, collect, use, and/or disclose Personal Information pursuant to procedures that do not require giving notice or conducting related activities (for example, in connection with law enforcement investigations).

Sale, Merger, Etc.

In the event of a sale, merger, liquidation, dissolution, reorganization or acquisition of RxReport or its assets, information RxReport has collected about you may be sold or otherwise transferred. However, this will only happen if the party acquiring the information agrees to be bound by the terms of RxReport’s privacy policy and the notice provided to you when the information was collected.

Policy Changes

RxReport will, and reserves the right to, modify and update this policy or its related business practices at any time. RxReport will NOT apply changes to this policy retroactively to information RxReport has previously collected.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns with respect to this privacy policy, you can contact us by e-mailing